The Big Deal About PsycTests

You may have heard Social Work Library staff members and professors rave about the new database, PsycTests. Why is it such a big deal?

PsycTests is a new database from the American Psychological Association. It provides the full-text of tests that have previously been discussed or published in journal literature and books. Before PsycTests, the process of finding tests was not intuitive or logical. Researchers would often write about a test that he/she developed, but not include the actual instrument in the articles they have published. So getting a copy of the actual test could involve contacting the author and waiting for a response.

The easiest way to find tests would have been to browse through our book collection in the Social Work Library. We have collected many useful books with test reprints in them, and these have indeed been useful to students. But browsing through the books for the right test could be a time consuming process. Now, PsycTests has many of the tests that you could at one time only find by browsing through our books. This will save you an enormous amount of time.

As wonderful as PsycTests is, it still may not have exactly what you need.  There may be other steps involved. That is why we recommend that you start looking for a test well before your assignment is due. To learn more about the steps for finding a test, take a look at our Guide to Finding Tests & Measures.

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